Welcome to Universal Driving School!

With several branches across the greater Manila area, Universal Driving School offers the best driving education designed for both novices and experienced drivers by introducing a safe and practical approach to defensive driving.

Our team of highly professional and certified driving instructors is dedicated to providing the best experience in mastering road safety and various driving techniques. In addition to actual driving lessons conducted on the road, we also offer classroom lectures on the principles of defensive driving, traffic rules and regulations, and basic motor vehicle troubleshooting.

Here at Universal Driving School our goal is to produce responsible and safety-conscious drivers through proper education and the mastery of traffic rules and regulations. We also strive to give the public a better understanding of the risks involved while driving through proper anticipation of various traffic situations and by always showing respect to the different rules of the road. More importantly, we at Universal Driving School believe that road safety begins as soon as the driver steps inside the vehicle, which is why our courses are designed to give the public a good understanding of the basics of automotive handling and troubleshooting.

Please take some time to browse our website and read through the course outline designed for both beginners and experienced drivers. We offer several different driving courses to accommodate your needs and preferences. For more inquiries you may call or visit any of our registration offices located throughout Metro Manila.